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Post 17/12/16

We are NOT open Sat. 17th or Sun 18th December. Please refer to the calendar page of this website for our opening hours.

Post 14/12/16

Decided to open tomorrow Thurs. 15th And Friday 16th at least to keep the birds out. Yes we will use you dear customers as living scare-crows and yes the fruit is good if a day or two short of full ripeness.

The birds (Indian Minors, Starlings [sky rats], Wattle Birds, Silver Eyes, Long Beaked Correllas, Green Breasted Lorikeets (beautiful cheeky little bird) and others are punishing the fruit and the fruit bats are wiping it out by the tree load. 

The last three nights has seen a small colony of some  30-50 fruit bats having a party down by the creek side of the orchard. They're a sweet and most fascinating animal but boy do they clean the trees out. Some I swear have a wing-span close to a metre wide.

We don't have sufficient nets to cover all the trees and the so bats have a party.

Wish I could hire half a dozen zombies or other night time ghouls to keep them out. What with all those recent zombie and vampire films their must be some out of work.

Post 10/12/16
The opportunistic birds, bats and now it seems some quite welcome wallabies are wreaking havoc on the fruit. Also the quite cool early summer temperatures delays fruit ripening to which the opportunists (refer above) are taking advantage of to gobble up the fruit.

Aaahh farming... a lifestyle choice not an economic one.

Least to say we are NOT open tomorrow (Sunday 8th December) and should open next Saturday 17th December unless I decide that it might be preferable for pickers to pick less than ripe fruit rather than wait for those opportunistic animals to beat you all to it.

Post 03/12/16

Unfortunately the birds and bats have consumed over half of the ripe fruit stock so we will NOT open on Sunday 4th December.

We are very sorry dear patrons but it's no good advertising falsilites.

We have never been so decimated by birds and bats so early in the season. We sure hope this is not about to become a weekly or indeed annual occurrence.

We have bird nets on a good old favourite cherry variety called Merchant.They are a very "meaty' cherry with a  lustrous deep crimson-red colour . We plan to have these available next Sat. 10/12/16.

Post 25/11/16:: 18:30

Gee that got picked out quick. Nothing worth picking for tomorrow unfortunately.
So please note we will NOT be open tomorrow (Sunday 27/11/16).

Post 25/11/16

Oooopss... Decided to OPEN! Pulled the nets off the trees and there is some very ready, ripe and quality fruit available that the birds didn't get.

Post 24/11/16

Decided not to open this forthcoming weekend due to the cherries needing another week to reach peak ripeness.

Post 20/11/16

Decided to close at lunchtime today. Most customers came back with a few cherries and some didn't even try.

A couple came back with full buckets: 7kg of cherries! It depends on your willingness to do some hard yards. Since most are here for an enjoyable day in the sunshine picking the low fruit then we just can't discriminate between the hard and soft pickers and decided to call it a day.
We can't guarantee fruit next week given the vagaries of the weather but hopefully a shiny and sweet little cherry called 'Early Moss' will be ready. Keep an eye on the calendar for opening days.

Post 19/11/16
We opened today... at last.
We still have Burgsdorf . They remains the earliest cherry variety here in the Yarra Valley. They're not a great variety being small and soft but the flavour is good.
We are advertising that we are closed tomorrow because all the low hanging fruit is gone but there remains fruit on high for the more intrepid picker... but don't tell anyone else they'll all be gone.
So if you read this little blog you will now know we'll let you in even though we have advertised we're closed ;)

Post 07/11/16
Cherries are running late this season due to the cold wet spring. We don't expect to be open until at least the 19th November 2016. Keep an eye on the  season calendar for specific dates.

Some new changes

A very large shed where our car park used to be.  The shed is for a new, additional, business venture.  Chickens!

Yes, we are breeding and selling chickens and fertile eggs.  Soft, cute and fluffy little chicks right up to hens that are about to lay. Pure breeds in a variety of colours, personalities and even sizes - regular and bantam.  We will also sell fertile eggs for those who wish to hatch their own chicks.

Very fresh eggs from your own chickens, just like very fresh cherries straight from the tree, taste far better then anything you will ever buy in a shop.

The name of the business is Eggsellent Chickens and its website can be browsed from (Cherrybomb Chickens just didn't sound right).

Well enough of chickens because you're here to find out about cherries.

Please check the BOM website for latest weather updates before you visit.        

And bear in mind that the weather in the Yarra Valley can be quite different to that in Melbourne.  


We are a farm, for your own comfort, please dress appropriately.  Don't forget sunscreen and hats on hot days and remember that it is probably wise to bring a coat on mild days in case the weather turns. 

Please do not sit or stand on the picking buckets we supply for you.  They are not designed for this purpose and may lead to injury to yourself and almost definitely to the bucket.

Kindly consider the environment and bring all of your rubbish out of the orchard with you; we have bins available at the marquee for rubbish and recycling.  

As our farm is also our home we ask that you respect our privacy by not entering the areas we have roped off around our house and garden.

Thank you      


Storm, Saturday 15.12.12                            


Three of our critters, working hard in the marquee!

We're off to pick some cherries…





 They look good enough to eat but these cherries 
are not ripe