Post 25/11/17

posted 25 Nov 2017, 03:46 by Admin Cherrybomb
We opened our first crop of Earlisweet to the public today. It's taken 6 years before we had a crop on these trees and I was giving up hope but boy did they produce a large crop first up. They're a medium sized cherry and a little soft but not as soft as Burgsdhorf or Early Rivers. Of course they're sweet but I think a little flat of flavour compared to say Bing or Merchant.

Pickers today pulled some good fruit off the trees. We have a between one third and one half of Earlisweet remaining on the trees. I want to clear it by tomorrow to shift the nets to a good crop of Bing due in a couple of weeks. So the balance of the Earlisweet will be going out at $7 per kg tomorrow (Sunday 26th November).

We had 25mm of rain yesterday evening's storms. That's not good for cherries at all. If it hadn't rained at all for the past 2 weeks and been hot, a lot of the fruit would have cracked; particularly Bing which are a devil for suffering rain crack.