Post 09/01/18

posted 9 Jan 2018, 00:35 by Admin Cherrybomb   [ updated 9 Jan 2018, 13:29 ]
Last day tomorrow, Wed. 10/01/18

That's right folks, tomorrow Wed. 10th January is the last day open for picking.

We still have a little fruit left for the intrepid, adventurous,  undemanding, care-free characters out there. Lazy, perfectionist or precious types need not apply, because the fruit is getting sparse and on the verge of withering and over ripeness but you can still find some good fruit.

By the way, the price per KG is now only $5. Note I haven't highlighted this bargain because we don't want to be rushed and then a whole lot of punters are disappointed.

We will remain open until  a critical mass of pickers are found exhausted and dying hunting down the last cherry in the orchard or by 4:00PM whichever comes first.

Get a load of this charming little Vegemite... err Cherrymite below: