Post 05/12/17

posted 5 Dec 2017, 03:55 by Admin Cherrybomb   [ updated 5 Dec 2017, 16:15 ]
We had 100mm of rain over the weekend and it did quite a bit of damage to the early cherry varieties, particularly the Merchant and Bing varieties - refer the photos below. Please don't think these photos represent the general state of all the fruit - they are extreme but most of it is cracked to some degree. So we'll be selling these premium varieties (Bing and Merchant) at $7/kg where we normally sell it for $10/kg.

Cherry crackCherry crack   

Fortunately we do have more current/modern varieties on the verge of maturity that have barely split like Blackstar (refer photo below) and Sumte that have cropped robustly and have minimal to no crack:


Actually all the cherries have cropped very well, in fact they have over-cropped which is a blessing and a curse because fruit size is inversely proportional to the volume of fruit.

We have heaps of Merchant and Moss varieties after so few customers on the weekend and it's all going out at $7/kg.

By this weekend we will have premium varieties available again.