Birds and Bats

posted 19 Dec 2016, 15:21 by Admin Cherrybomb   [ updated 20 Dec 2016, 18:37 ]
Post 20/12/16
Went into the orchard this morning to inspect the Rons Seedling variety of cherries and .... all gone! I could tell the bats had been at them because they pluck them neatly off the stem and devour the whole thing where the birds nibble at the fruit leaving half-eaten cherries on the trees. And I know the bats are in the trees because I spot them at night and there was about 50 of them in the gums by the orchard a few nights ago. Amazingly they're very silent in flight and majestic. A most fascinating animal but I wish they'd dislike me a little more.

The shrill chirping of Rainbow Lorikeets and either Musk or Scaly-Breasted Lorikeets was deafening and naturally they were having a feast of it. I understand they're native birds seeking out food sources but gee it's demoralising.

We've lost all the Bing cherries, most of the Van and now the Rons and now they've started on the Black Boys. I'm reckoning by season's end about 50% or perhaps more will have been fed to the wildlife.

 I need to install the large overhead nets but I haven't got a spare $60,000.