Cherrybomb Cherries is CLOSED for the 2019 season

Note: due to Covid19, CherryBomb Cherries
is closed or the 2020 Cherry Season
Our fruit is for sale next door at Jay Berries

Please DO NOT contact Cherrybomb farm
because calls will not be answered.

Hello and welcome to Cherrybomb Cherry Farm

"Life is like a bowl of cherries" coined…. someone. We don’t know who but you can’t help but be cheered by the sight, texture and taste of a ripe, red, freshly plucked cherry popped straight into your mouth; then another and another and another…. and…. yyyuuummmm.

We have to admit that you just can’t eat too many cherries - and we grow them!

You don't get sick of cherries because, blink, and the season's over. That's right, here in the beautiful Yarra Valley the Cherry Season only lasts 6-8 weeks so, unlike everyday fruits like apples, oranges and bananas, cherries are not freely available all year round!
We have been growing cherries for over 20  years at Cherrybomb. The varieties we have in order from earliest to latest maturity are:
Earlisweet, Royal Lynne, Samba/Sumste, Merchant, Santina, Black Star, Ron's Seedling, Van, Stella, Simone, Lapins, Sweetheart.

What's more, if you like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, our next door neighbours, Jay Berries, grow delicious summer berries and have them available for u-pick or purchase (closed every Saturday).

So that's cherries right next door to strawberries, raspberries and blueberries; now that's convenient!

Look at that view!
We are nestled in a pretty little valley bordered by Wandin Yallock Creek. All around are rolling green hills of vineyards, orchards and native green belts attracting varied wildlife. On the West horizon are the Dandenong Ranges and to the East is the Yarra Ranges National Park.
The farm is surrounded by abundant beauty where Bell-birds chime in the valley and Eagles soar overhead.
So a trip to Cherrybomb is fruitful - excuse the pun - in many ways. Enjoy the journey through the charming Yarra Valley; select and pick cherries in the surrounds of a beautiful orchard adjacent to a berry farm and a vineyard and listen to the native wildlife in the stand of beautiful eucalypt trees right by the meandering Wandin Yallock Creek.
Cherrybomb Cherry Farm is about a 60 minute drive from central Melbourne to Wandin East in the Yarra Valley. Refer to the location page on this site for a map and directions.
We only offer u-pick . U-pick gives you the opportunity to taste and select your favourite varieties at your own leisure. You can wander within and about the trees sampling the varied flavours, colours, sizes and firmness of the fruit. Each week will offer different fruit flavours as cherry varieties ripen at different stages throughout the short season.
Bring the kids along and give them a real farm experience where they harvest for themselves, learn that cherries don't grow on the supermarket shelf and feel the personal satisfaction of hunter-gathering - well gathering at least - what they eat.